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Fact Sheets for Parents

Deciding about a possible military career is an important discussion between young adults, their families, and trusted advisors. As young people weigh their options, it’s important to have accurate information and knowledgeable people to talk with. The resources below can help inform and separate misconceptions from reality. Download these documents, print them, and prepare yourself with the facts.

Joining the Military: What to Expect (PDF, 85K)
Enlistment through Basic Training, explained.

Jobs in Today’s Military (PDF, 72K)
Information about thousands of military careers.

Finding the Right Job in the Military: A Step-by-Step Guide (PDF, 69K)
Tips and tools to help your child find a career path.

What our users are saying about this topic:

"Just go out and get as much information as you can to make the right decision or to help them make the right decision."
- Sherrie Gibson, N.H.

"The toughest thing for me hearing him say he was going to join up, was accepting that he was going somewhere and I couldn't control or help him."
- Darrell Harper, Ga.
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