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How can I change which theme I'm viewing?

From the home page: Click on the "Select" link under the theme that interests you.

From the multimedia stream: Click on the "Edit" link on the theme tab to return to the home page and change themes. You can also use the "Move to______" links under the multimedia stream to advance to the next theme.

How can I view multimedia for a specific Service?

Click on the "Service Branches" button and check the boxes representing the Services that interest you. You can also sort by type of Service by checking the boxes labeled "Select all Active," "Select all Reserve" and "Select all Guard" or by clicking the "Enlisted or Officer" button above the multimedia stream.

When I'm exploring the multimedia stream, how can I tell videos and images apart?

All video content is labeled with an arrow-shaped play button in the center of the image. You can also use the "Focus On" links beneath the multimedia stream to toggle between "Images" or "Videos."

How do I get more information about a video or an image?

Click on any item in the stream to open a preview window with its title and a short description.

How do I watch a video or take a closer look at an image?

Click once on an item to open a preview window and then click on the window to view the item and more information on a new page.

How do I return to the multimedia stream after viewing an item?

Click the "Back to Results" link on the top left of the page.

What if I want to view more multimedia about a specific subject?

After viewing an item, you can:

  1. Scroll through the "Next Items" menu on the right-hand side.
  2. Click the "Jump to next item" button to view the next item.
  3. Click on the links beneath the video to explore other content on that subject. For example, if a video has the word "Recruiting" as a link underneath it, click on that link to view more items about recruiting.
  4. Click one of the links above the player, beside "Refresh Results With______".

What can I do if a video isn't loading or playing properly?

The video player on Inside Today's Military is Flash-based. You must have the latest Flash player installed to view media. You can download the free player, follow the simple installation instructions and try again.