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From the outside, it is hard to imagine what it's like to serve in the Military. There is plenty of news coverage, but it has been difficult to really get a sense of what day-to-day life in service is all about – until now. The videos and images on this site show the variety of experiences servicemembers have every day – from joining and training, to living and working all over the world. Choose a theme or Service from the menus below or choose between "Enlisted" and "Officer" to start exploring.

Military Glossary
Parental Support
Marine Corps Recruiting
A Look Inside Navy MEPS
A Look Inside the Recruitment Process
Air National Guard Recruiting
Joining the Air Force Reserve
Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Overview
One-on-One with a Recruiter
A New Recruit
Preparing for Basic Military Training
An Enlistment Ceremony at Turner Field
Making the Commitment — Again
Meeting a Marine Recruiter
Studying Up on the Army National Guard
Serving at Minot Base
Recruiter Answers Questions About Air Force Reserve
MEPS: Physical Exam
A Conversation with a Marine Recruiter
Oath of Enlistment
Air Force Recruiters Meet Recruits in Washington, D.C.
Why the Coast Guard?
A Checkup at MEPS
Air Force Reserve Mass Enlistment Ceremony
New Opportunities
MEPS: ASVAB Testing and Career Counseling
DEP Recruits Take the Oath of Enlistment
Making a Difference
Taking the ASVAB
The Air National Guard Student Flight Program
MEPS: Security and Background Check
Recruiter Meeting with Potential Recruit
Recruits Brace for Boot Camp
Proud and Patriotic
MEPS: Oath of Enlistment
Air Force Recruits Take Nighttime Oath of Enlistment
Vision Test at MEPS
Not Your Ordinary Education
From Air Force to Air National Guard
National Guard Recruits Swear In
Choosing a National Guard Career
Army National Guard Goes to College
Army Recruiting
Navy Recruiting
Joining the Coast Guard
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