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A look at daily life in Today's Military.

From the outside, it is hard to imagine what it's like to serve in the Military. There is plenty of news coverage, but it has been difficult to really get a sense of what day-to-day life in service is all about – until now. The videos and images on this site show the variety of experiences servicemembers have every day – from joining and training, to living and working all over the world. Choose a theme or Service from the menus below or choose between "Enlisted" and "Officer" to start exploring.

Military Glossary
Thunderbirds in Action
Celebrating the Coast Guard's 220th Birthday
Spending Time with Family
At the Warrior Zone
A Young Air Force Officer's Home
Keeping Service in the Family
Recreation Options for Servicemembers
Air National Guard Recreation Benefits
An Air Force Base Playground
Work-Life Balance in the Army Reserve
Marine Officer Traditions
Life Overseas: Kids and Family
An Air Force Recreation Camp
Behind the Scenes with Darby Ledbetter
An Army Reserve Officer in Washington, D.C.
Air Force Reserve Father and Son Enjoy Spending Time On-Base
Family Leisure Time on Post
Life as a Marine: Travel
Work Hard and Play Hard
Kid Rock Performs with the Air Force Reserve
A Tour of Army Family Housing
Marine Corps Benefits
Life Overseas: Local Attractions
Schooling for Children of Servicemembers
Scheduling and Service
Fresh Veggies at the Commissary
An Army Family at Home
Life as a Marine: Education
Life Overseas: Seeing Sigonella
A Trip to the Commissary
Army Spouses Make Marriage Work
Shopping on Base
At the Commissary
Air National Guard Perks
The Work of an Army Chaplain
Life as a Marine Officer: Benefits
Reserve Officer in White House Commissioning Ceremony
Support for Air Force Families
A Step Above
Life Overseas: Facilities at Sigonella
A Comfortable Home for an Air Force Family
Welcome Home
Hospital Access for Airmen
Fun with Friends
Physical Fitness

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