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A look at daily life in Today's Military.

From the outside, it is hard to imagine what it's like to serve in the Military. There is plenty of news coverage, but it has been difficult to really get a sense of what day-to-day life in service is all about – until now. The videos and images on this site show the variety of experiences servicemembers have every day – from joining and training, to living and working all over the world. Choose a theme or Service from the menus below or choose between "Enlisted" and "Officer" to start exploring.

Military Glossary
The Night Mission
What You Can Do in Eight Weeks
Gearing Up for Air Force Basic Training
Arrival at Basic Training
Face to Face with a Drill Sergeant
Week 12: Graduation Ceremony
Hot in Here
The Air National Guard Train in Warmer Climates
Air Force Reserve Nurse Training Exercise
A Change of Clothes
12 Weeks: Marine Corps Recruit Training
Navy Swim Challenge
Week 3: Air Force Basic Military Training
Getting Paid to Work Out
Training in the Recruit Sustainment Program
Marine Corps Drill Instructor
Daytime Cargo Drop Training
Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Training
Air Force Reserve Pararescueman Trains on Beach
A New Look for New Recruits
Marine Corps Officer Candidates School
Navy Officer Candidate School - Wakeup Wednesday
Week 4: Air Force Basic Military Training
Following the Company Commander
Inside the Obstacle Course
Week 2: In the Barracks Drill Instructor View
MPs on Patrol
Western Air Defense Sector (WADS) Training
Training While Serving the Community
Hitting the Books
Becoming a Marine Officer Candidate
Navy Officer Candidate School - Outpost
Week 6: BEAST Training
From Boy to Man
Staying in Touch
Nighttime Cargo Drop Training
Part-Time Pararescue
Air Force Reservists Complete Basic Training
Basic Training: Red, White and Blue
Making a Drill Instructor
Navy Officer Candidate School - Room Locker Personnel
Week 8: Air Force Basic Military Training
Dive and Survive
Sure Shots
Weapons Training
Helicopter Rescue Simulation
Pararescue Jumper Training
An All-Around Workout
Week 3: Bayonet Assault Course Recruit View
Navy Officer Candidate School - Classroom
Cryptologic Linguist Training
Training for the Winter
Basic Combat Training Graduation
On-the-Job Fight Training
Air Force Reserve Basic Training Graduation Ceremony
Advanced Individual Training
Week 6: Rappelling Recruit View
Navy Officer Candidate School - Leadership
Security Forces Training
Sailing Through the Storm
Mastering the Basics
CPR Training
Graduation from Basic Combat Training
Navy Officer Candidate School - Graduation
Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Training
Testing a National Guard Decontamination Team
Graduating from Basic Training
Training at the Rifle Range
Navy Reservists Participate in "Crewman Boot Camp"
Diagnostic Imaging Training
Armor & Field Artillery Advanced Training
Rappelling Recruits
Marine Corps Officer Candidate Training
Navy Diver Rescue Training
Fire Protection Training
Army National Guard Parachute Training
Getting in Shape
Week 7: Grass Week Recruit View
Helicopter Underwater Egress Training
Services Training
On the March
Dressed to Sweat
Lead from the Front
Navy Reservists Train Before Deployment
Pugil Stick Battle
Knee Deep
Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
Ready, Aim, Fire
More Than a Playground Exercise
Marine Corps Recruit Training
Who Needs a Front Door?
From Civilian to Soldier
Marine Officer Training at The Basic School
Working with Local Governments
Machine Gun Repair
Becoming a Marine Officer
Following the Drill Sergeant's Lead
A Sense of Achievement
Ship to Shore
On the Ropes
Week 1: Receiving Recruit View
Inside Navy Boot Camp
Navy Officer Candidate School - Arrival
Week 1: Receiving Drill Instructor View
From Zero to Sixty
Week 11: The Crucible Planks Course

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