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A look at daily life in Today's Military.

From the outside, it is hard to imagine what it's like to serve in the Military. There is plenty of news coverage, but it has been difficult to really get a sense of what day-to-day life in service is all about – until now. The videos and images on this site show the variety of experiences servicemembers have every day – from joining and training, to living and working all over the world. Choose a theme or Service from the menus below or choose between "Enlisted" and "Officer" to start exploring.

Military Glossary
Army National Guard Humanitarian Assistance
An Air Force Pediatrician
Army Reserve CPR Training
One Part of the Air National Guard's Mission
Career Profile: Registered Nurse
The Air Force Band on Tour
Relationship Building in the Army Reserve
Living and Working Abroad
Meet the Navy's Submarine Force
An Air Force Doctor
A Day in the Life of the Coast Guard
National Guard Members Talk to Students
Chaplain Candidates
A Proud Musical Tradition
Roles in the Corps: Infantry Officer
Nuclear Officers on the USS Nimitz
The Air Force Nursing Family
Search and Seizure
Cross-Cultural Weapons Training
Lifelong Learning for Health Care Professionals
Army Servicemembers in Combat in Iraq
Marines on Deployment
Medical Careers in the Navy
A Focus on Patients
Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan
A Public Affairs Officer in the Army Reserve
See You in Court
A Naval Nuclear Engineer
Agriculture in Afghanistan
The Role of Civil Affairs
Roles in the Corps: Artillery Officer
A Third-Generation Pastor
Always Ready
The Purple Heart
Drawn to Service
A Career Boost
Just Like a Fire Department
From Dream to Reality
Preparing Patients for Transport
What Is a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)?
The Navy Assists Quake Victims
Breaking Through
Caring for the Critically Injured
Catching a Wave
Military and Civilian Leadership
Mentoring in Afghanistan
Helicopter Help
Time to Floss
A Nurse's Drill Weekend
Transporting the Wounded
Training the Iraqi Police Force
U.S. Navy Contributes to Hurricane Katrina Cleanup
A Fresh Perspective on Civilian Life
Inside the Redstone Arsenal
Crowd Control
Keeping an Eye on the Skies
The Air National Guard in Iraq
Providing Comfort and Care
Good Dog
An Air National Guard Drill Weekend
An Air Force Reserve Eye Exam
Sending Humanitarian Aid
Landing Blackhawks in Tennessee
A Fighter Pilot on the Flight Line
Dentistry in the Air Force Reserve
Chaplains Serving in Combat
Ready for Anything
Achieving Goals in the Air Force Reserve
Say Ahh
Maintaining High Health Standards
Practicing Medicine in the Army
Fighting the Flood
Becoming an Air Force Reserve Flight Nurse
A Ministry of Presence
A Navy Dentist's Journey
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