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A Comfortable Home for an Air Force Family - Transcript

1st Lt. Julio Cano: Come on in. This is my house here. This is Alexis, and my wife, Michelle. This is Olivia. This is the living room, you know, we watch TV, the girls love to play the piano — and, well, I think they can play the piano. Small dining room area where we have our dinners, breakfasts, whatever.

And we'll go into the first bedroom. So this is Olivia's room. You know, we can pretty much do whatever we want. As you can tell here, we did our own painting and decorating. And we can go into my other daughter's room, Alexis's room. We also did a little decorating on our own, like stuffed animals. She has all her stuffed animals up there.

And this is the master bedroom, and it's big enough where we can actually have a nice big bed. Major appliances, you know, they provide for your refrigerator and stove and all that. Kids love all their toys; they have all that. They let you do your own landscaping.

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