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A Look Inside the Recruitment Process - Transcript

FEMALE SPEAKER 1: The recruiting process is, the applicant will come into the office and meet with their recruiter, talk typically about what it is you want to do, what are your intentions in joining the Guard, and then, after that, you would set an interview to ASVAB.

MALE SPEAKER 1: An ASVAB is a Military Aptitude Battery Test. Pretty much, it's how well you perform on certain tasks.

FEMALE SPEAKER 1: And once you ASVAB, you would do a physical.

MALE SPEAKER 1: And then you'd go to a Military Entrance Processing Station, which is called MEPS.

FEMALE SPEAKER 1: You will pick a job that you would be most interested in. And then, after that, you will swear in and go off to Basic.

FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Really, it's just working with your recruiter. They do all the hard stuff, and you just get sent out and you go to Basic Training. From there, you go to your specialty training, which is what your MOS is -- AIT, Advanced Individual Training.

MALE SPEAKER 2: The recruitment process is pretty fast. After I get my score, I got to choose my MOS. After choosing my MOS, I go there to sign the contract and swear in.

FEMALE SPEAKER 2: I went to split option. It's where you're a junior in high school. So, you go through Basic, between your junior and your senior year, and then you go to AIT, once you graduate.

FEMALE SPEAKER 3: From the moment I first spoke to a recruiter, it took me a good nine months to decide that I really was ready to do it. I talked a lot with my family and made sure they were behind me, obviously, because it's a big part of their lives, too. And then, as soon as I was ready, I went and swore in.

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