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A Public Affairs Officer in the Army Reserve - Transcript

Capt. Jennifer Huntsman: I am Capt. Jennifer Huntsman, and I am in the Army Reserve. I am a public affairs officer. I do public relations. I do community events. I make sure that the Military's involved in their community, their volunteer work or just being involved, period.

Speaker 1: Jennifer was an absolute social butterfly when she was a child. Yeah, she's always cared about other people, but I would say it's more focused and more defined now.

Capt. Jennifer Huntsman: I learned a lot about leadership in ROTC. I've always been the type of person to sort of follow a crowd, and it was kind of one of those times in my life where I was forced to actually take command and actually go in front of all my peers and say, "Hey, this is what we need to do. This is how we're going to get something done." From that, I was just a lot more confident in myself.

Speaker 1: We've had parents come to us and ask us about should their children go into an ROTC program, and we always suggest that they go ahead and talk to the Army Reserve and see what the program has to offer for their kids because we know it really benefited Jennifer. With the Army Reserve, I think she's got very comfortable going anywhere, doing anything. When she's not drilling and doing mobilizations and those kind of assignments, she's doing nonprofit work.

Speaker 2: She learned time management. She learned to focus from the Army Reserve, with all the opportunities that were given to her.

Capt. Jennifer Huntsman: My mom always wanted me to be independent, and my dad always wanted me to enjoy life, to enjoy what I was doing.

Speaker 1: What more does a parent want than for their children to be happy? It's clear to me that Jennifer has found that serving in the Army Reserve.

Capt. Jennifer Huntsman: I get to be part of something bigger than just myself.

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