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Cadet Jeff Davis: Hi. My name is Jeff Davis. I'm 22 years old. I am a member here at Old Dominion University Army ROTC Monarch Battalion. ROTC definitely puts a lot of focus on being student first and cadet second. My daily routine usually starts off at 6:00 in the morning when I go to PT, and then I'll go to class around 11:00 to 1:00, and after I leave class, I'll go off to the weight room for about an hour and a half. When you get into ROTC, yes, you have a commitment, but your whole life isn't focused around being a ROTC cadet. My best friends outside of ROTC are definitely all of my roommates: James, Joseph and Jeremy. And James, I've been together with him since second grade.

Speaker 1: We go way back, through elementary school, high school and now college. Of course with the whole ROTC thing, he gives 100 percent to everything he does.

Speaker 2: Jeff is just one of those kind of guys that you just love to have around. Always has a smile on his face, just enjoys being here, wearing the uniform and being a part of the program.

Cadet Jeff Davis: ROTC has definitely enhanced my leadership skills and my people skills. It just helps you become a better person overall. Even if you didn't want to go into the Military — you are just desiring to be a well-rounded person who is confident — ROTC is definitely the way to go.

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