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Agriculture in Afghanistan - Transcript

Speaker 1: A small component of the Kansas Agriculture Development Team jumped in a convoy and headed north several miles to the small town of Najil.

Speaker 2: We got to see some of the corn up close and visit with the locals there and look at some of the issues and hear some of the issues that they feel are very important regarding their agriculture industry.

Speaker 1: Agriculture is widespread and very important in Laghman province, and the National Guardsmen from Kansas understand completely.

Speaker 2: We want to teach. We think that, if you can give them the knowledge and find those right people, that select group of people, they will carry those ideas and take that knowledge to the next level.

Speaker 1: The Agriculture Development Team is exactly that. But the development doesn't stop in the fields. It spreads from the rows of corn to those who tend them to those who enjoy them.

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