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An Air Force Recreation Camp - Transcript

Derek Hopper: Well this is the recreation camp, where basically it's a facility that's on the lake. And we rent out kayaks, ski boats, pontoon boats. We have a lot of all of them so that anyone can usually come out and get them as they please. We also have many tent sites along with tents that you can rent out from us, as well as playgrounds for the kids, a swimming pool. Every pavilion that we have out here comes with benches, and a built in grill. We do have tennis courts, basketball courts. Our pavilion down at the very end has a porch that live bands use, and just give everyone a lot of entertainment. I think it gives airmen a well deserved break. This place and other facilities like it on base just provide them with an out, so that they can come on the weekends, and relax, and have fun without having to worry about anything they have to do during the week.

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