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Air Force Reserve Nurse Training Exercise - Transcript

Capt. Dennis Castro: My name is Dennis Castro. I'm a captain and a flight nurse with the 514th air mobility wing and the 514th air medical evacuation squadron at McGuire Air Force Base, N.J.

As a flight nurse, we take care of wounded servicemen and women, and we transport them from various areas in the world where they were injured, and we bring them to more definitive care. Today's mission was a local mission where our flight nurses and air medical evacuation technicians were doing our medical training on the aircraft so that we prepare ourselves in the event that we have to be deployed or have to do any medical reliefs throughout the states.

The medical crew director and myself, we went over to the front-end briefing where we got the briefing from the aircraft commander, who was the pilot of the aircraft, and his crew on what to expect on the mission, such as the weather and the altitude we'd be flying, what to expect out on the aircraft. The rest of our medical crew was preflighting our emergency medical equipment, such as the heart monitor, suction unit, the IV pump. They're preflighting equipment, making sure all the equipment is properly working prior to us bringing it out to the aircraft so we know that in the event that we were diverted to a real-world emergency, that we have equipment that's functioning.

There was a simulated fire on the aircraft. There was also a simulated rapid decompression. We also had some simulated patient medical emergencies. One patient was having a simulated seizure. There was also a patient that had an asthma attack, and then we were going through the various checklists and also through our regulations. That helps us for our future deployments where, in the event that something does happen on the aircraft, either if it's an aircraft emergency or a medical emergency, everything becomes second nature to us during real-world emergencies or during future deployments.

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