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Sgt. Peters: It's not as hectic as it normally might seem in the TV shows or the movies. Take your shoes off, polish them, go to bed at night, wake up, stand at attention — it's not really like that. Your time off is your time, and while you're at work, you just do your job.

Hi, my name's Sgt. Peters. I'm a 19D cavalry scout. Growing up with my father in the Army was a great experience. I got to experience a lot of things I don't think other kids my age would have had a chance to do. We were raised as civilians for the most part, so when we go out, we like to kind of do what was normal to us, what we've grown up with.

Here on post, there are two 18-hole golf courses. I have fun every time I go. It never gets old. They usually change up the greens on us, fairways you can never tell what's going to happen to you. And the water's always fun; you lose a few balls there. The auto craft shop that MWR provides is appealing to me. I'm a car guy myself. I like to save a little bit of money and do the improvements here and modifications I might add to the vehicle. I'll also take the chance to save money changing my oil. On an annual basis, I probably save close to $1,000.

I do go bowling whenever I can. That's another good sport to play on post. When I do go bowling, it's normally a party of at least six. That way we can have two lanes and get a good party going.

Insurance can be one of the most expensive things you can pull out of a paycheck in the civilian world. And here in the Army, it's something that you don't pull out of your paycheck at all. That savings can equal hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars a year. So when one looks from the outside into the Military and looks at, maybe, what one of us gets paid, it may not seem like much to them, but you've got to take into account that what they're getting out in the civilian world, they have to pull out monthly for dental, medical, any kind of housing. I know that the money that I receive is for me to spend or save. I'm definitely glad I joined. There's been a lot more benefits than I originally realized, even though I grew up in a military family. Just having the opportunity to experience it myself is one of the best things I've done.

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