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An Army Family at Home - Transcript

Maj. Joe Lehman: Hi. Welcome to my home. I'm Maj. Joe Lehman. Come on in and let me show you around. Follow me into the living room. First, I'd like to introduce you to my wife, Amy, and our daughter, Mackenzie. And, like I said, this is the living room where we spend the majority of our time. One of the big draws for me was the fireplace. When it gets cold in the wintertime, I really like to light the fire and settle in for the evening. The main reason we spend so much time down here is because of what's hidden behind the doors — our TV, like every good American family.

Now we'll head into the dining room. I've been in the Army now for about 12 years, and we've had an opportunity to collect a lot of furniture and items, like the Polish pottery that we store in our built-ins here that my wife collected while we were stationed in Germany. One of the nice things about this house is the size of the dining room allows us to use our table that we picked up in Dallas, Texas. Also in Dallas, we picked up this china hutch, which allows us to display more of my wife's Polish pottery.

As we move into the kitchen, I'd like to make mention that, even though the house is over 100 years old, the Army's done a good job of updating it, starting off with the refrigerator that's big enough to keep me full and keep my family fed. Moving over to the dishwasher, which is a big bonus for my wife. Now that we've finished the downstairs, I'm going to pass you off to my wife, Amy, and she's going to show you the upstairs.

Speaker: Hi, so welcome to our upstairs. As Joe mentioned to you in the kitchen, the home is over 100 years old. So, when we initially moved in, our concern was, "How much space is available in an old home?" We were pleasantly surprised to find out that our upstairs hosts three bedrooms. And then in each one of the bedrooms are two closets. This is Mackenzie's room, and one of the closets we use to hide away all of the numerous toys that a three-year-old seems to accumulate. Our first bath is just here in the hallway, which is shared by the two rooms — the visitor's room and Mackenzie's room. It's a nice-sized facility with a shower and a full bath.

So, if you come on with me, I'd like to show you the master suite. So another concern we had was, "How large would the master bedroom be?" We own a king-size bed, and, as you can see, there's a generous amount of space in the master suite here, plenty of closet space for our modern lifestyle of too many clothes. The master bedroom also has its own bathroom, which is why I like to call it my "master suite." Along with that, behind me you'll notice there is a dressing area, although some of the residents in the neighborhood also have made it a little reading nook for the master bedroom, which again gives it its own master suite feel.

Maj. Joe Lehman: Well, you've seen just about everything except for the garage and basement, and nobody needs to see that. So thanks for stopping by.

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