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An Army Reserve Officer in Washington, D.C. - Transcript

Maj. Phillip Romanelli: I'm Phillip Romanelli. I'm currently acting as the Chief of Staff for the Office of Risk Management and Analysis within the Department of Homeland Security. I'm also a Major in the Army Reserve.

One of the things I love about Washington, D.C., is that in some ways it feels like everything's happening here. You know, this is a place that the eyes of the world turn to a lot. It's a place where important decisions are made. It's an interesting place to be if you're in the Army. It's an interesting place to be just as a civilian because there's so much to do.

Recently, I had the opportunity to row on the Anacostia River here in the Washington, D.C., area. And that was fantastic. It was great to be back on the water. One of the nice things about rowing is that it makes the importance of teamwork absolutely clear. When everybody's in tune, when everybody's working together, the boat glides on the water like a hovercraft. So it really points out the importance of teamwork, and that's something I think that goes back to the experiences I had in Army ROTC, and my experiences in the Army Reserve, which is that when everybody works together, there's nothing you can't do.

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