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Lance Cpl. Michael Diaz: My name is Michael Diaz. I am a lance corporal in the United States Marine Corps, and I work aviation supply. I work on all the aircrafts we're carrying, the Harriers, AVAs, the B22s. Any aircraft that needs a part, we have 'em all here, and if we don't, we just refer it off-station, track it, get it from wherever it's at and bring it here.

I talk to the squadron expediters, if they need parts, the maintenance side need parts for a aircraft, I get them parts as soon as possible so they can get that bird up in the air. It's important I do my job well, because if an air is down, and we need to carry out a mission, as soon as they call the part, I gotta get it as soon as possible. They can put it in the aircraft and get that bird mission-capable.

This one day was rewarding at work. We got just bombarded with a bunch of documents we needed. We had like, 15 docs. We had all those parts, and we got 'em all to the squadron. That felt good. You see them aircrafts go up, it was like, wow, I helped get that bird up in the air, and it's a good feeling. I love my job. It's exciting.

For now, what I have to do to grow in responsibilities, make a rank, I have to just keep following my orders, make sure everything I get tasked to do gets done quickly and correctly, and if they see they can trust me with it, I'll just keep getting more responsibilities.

What makes the Marine Corps unique is our readiness at all times. We practice all the time since boot camp, working together, get everything done faster. You always gotta be prepared, have everything ready. If we need to get deployed now, you'll be ready to get deployed now. Have backup if you need to, have Plan A, Plan B. We need to get out there, just do our job and do it correctly the first time. That's the most ready we can be. That's how our nation needs us. We need to be there for them.

The first motivation for me to become a Marine was really walking through the recruiter's office and seeing that uniform just hanging there, and I was just like, that's the uniform I wanna wear, I wanna work for it and here I am now. I have pride in being a United States Marine.


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