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A Cannon Crewmember in the Army National Guard - Transcript

Speaker: My name is Staff Sgt. Brennan Kelly, with Bravo Battery, First 109th Field Artillery out of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and I'm a 13Bravo field artillery cannon crewmember. Cannon crewmembers are in charge of howitzers, which are large-scale weapons systems that can reach up to 18 miles away in support of tank and infantry units. Most of the time we can't even see our targets, so teamwork is a huge component of field artillery.

One of our primary goals is to set up digital and radio communications so we can effectively identify and plot target locations, and select the right ammunition for the job. We really stress teamwork and communication with this MOS. I wouldn't call this an easy job since we do a lot of heavy lifting and work for long periods of time. I'm proud to know that I'm serving my country, and with the leadership and discipline that I've gained, it will help me with any civilian career of my choice.

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