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Caring for the Critically Injured - Transcript

Maj. Sylvia Vedder: My name is Sylvia Vedder. I'm a major in the Air Force Reserve. I'm a critical care air transport team nurse. We collaborate with the critical care physician and with the cardiopulmonary technicians to transport our critical care patients from an initial care to a higher level of care. Most of our patients are multitrauma patients, meaning they're not only gunshot wounds, they're not only burn patients. They may have, like, different conditions just for one person. And, of course, we use our educations and these trainings, also, to help out during disaster. For instance, major hurricanes recently, the (inaudible) was called in to help out transporting these critical care patients.

The most benefit, for me, by being in the Air Force Reserve is the experience, the experience that is unrivaled. I have always had high regard for the men and women in the uniform, their patriotism, their discipline and their image as they represent to the world.

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