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CBRN Specialist Career Opportunities - Transcript

Spc. Sadie Tollberg: My name is Sadie Tollberg. I'm a specialist in the United States Army, and I am a chemical operations specialist 74D. A chemical operations specialist is a very broad MOS. You could do anything from issue out masks, and I take care of all the chemical aspect for the specific company. The other thing that I could do for my MOS is work in an actual chemical unit with everybody who's chemical, and we'd be constantly training with chemicals.

It's important in our world because there are over 200 countries in the world that have chemical weapons of mass destruction. When I first got to Iraq, I never, ever in a million years expected to see myself there. But when we got to Fallujah and I was there with the actual chemicals in sight, it was very, very fast paced and high speed, and it was the biggest chemical mission to happen in Iraq. If I were to go and try to find a job that has to do with my specific MOS, there's a lot out there. I could work with Homeland Security. I could be part of a hazmat cleanup. I could work for a hospital and do radiation X-rays. I could work with CSI as well and do crime scenes. They teach us how to handle things that are toxic, so with that knowledge, it could carry over into a lot of different fields. If you love any sort of science, if you love any sort of hands-on work, and if you love to teach other people and tell them things that they had no idea existed, then you'll probably love chemical operations specialist.

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