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Spc. Timothy Houston: My name is Timothy Houston. I'm a 92S laundry, shower and clothing repair specialist. The job the 92S does is a big morale booster for Soldiers. When we deploy to Iraq, Afghanistan or humanitarian missions, we'll set up our shower sets, our laundry sets, sewing facility. The acronym for "LADS" is "Laundry Advance System." The LADS system washes and dries 200 pounds worth of clothes inside each dryer or drum. With our equipment, we can deliver laundry and hot showers to troops in an hour.

What the Army teaches you is how to deal with supplies, how to account for everything. You can do anything from being a mechanic, plumbing, electrical, repairs, just about anything, just getting equipment around and settled and working. You've got to work as a team to get this done. When Hurricane Katrina happened, within 18 hours, my previous unit was called up and told to be over there. When they got over there, they set up their showers, set up their laundry equipment. That's one of the things I like about the Army. There's a lot of pride everywhere, and knowing that you can help other people, whether it be members in uniform or civilians alike, that makes me feel good.

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