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A Coxswain in the Coast Guard Reserve - Transcript

Speaker 1: We've got some cloud coming in.

Speaker 2: Roger that.

A coxswain is in charge of the overall vessel while you're out on the water. And that includes making sure your missions are complete and that all the people on board are safe and secure. I did five years of Active Duty in the Coast Guard. I got out to go into the Reserve program. I happened to be leaving at the end of September in 2001, so I expected to be called back to Active Duty. It was a good opportunity to do something after the attacks. I feel like I served my part.

The tactical law enforcement teams were the last units to be integrated with males and females, and it was really an honor to be able to open doors for women in being one of the first women to go to a law enforcement team in the Coast Guard.

What I've enjoyed most about being in the Coast Guard is wearing different hats; I could be sitting at a desk one minute and hear an alarm and run out to the boat, go save somebody's life, or fight a fire or save a boat that's sinking. And then come back, and finish my paperwork, go home and just think it's all in a day's work.

Sector 77, roger, we are moored at station.

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