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Dentistry in the Air Force Reserve - Transcript

Maj. Lance Kim: My name is Lance Kim. I'm a major in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. I'm a chief dentist in the 926th AMDF. My job is to review the X-rays, do the exams on the patients. We don't treat: We just do the exams and we determine whether they're qualified for deployment. We're trying to condense sometimes 30 days of active-duty days into two days and get everything accomplished and similar to what they do. The civilian sector is a little different. We're not as busy, and we primarily just do dental exams to determine their readiness, and we don't really treat any patients, so that's a little different. But, other than that, the dentistry's the same. We see the patient, and we recommend what they need to do.

There are many benefits that I enjoy. One of the primary benefits is the health care insurance that I get; it is very affordable, very good, and it is one less stress and one less headache I have to worry about as a small business owner. There's educational benefits. I could expand my dental skills. There's always the chance to go on humanitarian missions to help other people. There's GI benefits that I could utilize if I want to, there's a loan repayment program that I like, which I'm utilizing right now. I learned the core values of the Air Force Reserve, and I apply that to the daily treatment of my patients and my patients appreciate that. And, overall, it's given me a great opportunity, and, you know, I enhance my personal skills and leadership. I just like the fact that, you know, I take part in an organization that gives me the freedom that I enjoy every day.

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