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Flight student: So, is this one yours?

Austin: Yeah, actually. It's been around for a while, about seven years. It's a piece of work.

Flight student: Wow, I always wanted to fly in a Cessna 170.

Austin: Yeah, it's really nice.

Flight student: This is pretty cool. It's in great shape, too.

Austin: All right, so we're going to put our stuff down.

Flight student: OK.

Austin: And then pull out our checklist and get going on the pre-flight. Start out front here by the engines.

Flight student: OK. Just like that. Go like that?

Austin: Kick it, yeah. Another leading edge, want to make sure no huge dents or dings.

Flight student: OK.

Austin: Make sure you don't see any missing safety wires. I'll fly anything that's got wings and at least one engine. All right, well it looks like it's pretty airworthy. You want to hop in, and we'll get going?

Flight student: Yeah. Let's do it.

Austin: All right.

Flight student: Wow. This is pretty neat.

Austin: Yup. It's been refurbished within the last seven years.

Flight student: Oh, is that right?

Austin: Start control pull.

Flight student: OK, here we go.


Austin: Here we go.

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