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Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan - Transcript

Staff Sgt. Matthew Clouse: It was a day to remember in the usually quiet town of Aibak, Afghanistan.

Mohammad, Orphan: Everybody happy; hats on their head.

Staff Sgt. Matthew Clouse: The Afghan National Army, Police and U.S. Soldiers brought a trailer full of winter clothes and joy to an orphanage of 200 kids.

Nadia Omar, Orphan: I'm very happy that ANA and ANP came to help us.

Gen. Murad Ali Murad: It's good for us to do this for the children of the orphanage; they have lost their parents and their families. When we help them, it is special.

Staff Sgt. Matthew Clouse: It was also a great opportunity for the Afghan National Army and Police to show how their cooperation can positively impact the people of Afghanistan. While Soldiers handed out clothes, Afghan television crews recorded the event, and the footage aired on national TV.

Gen. Murad Ali Murad: When we help them, we are their father, brother, their family members. All of the world will see that we respect and show that we care.

Brig. Gen. Abdul Razaq: The people will see police and ANA are not only police security, but they are also helping out the local people.

Staff Sgt. Matthew Clouse: Children thanked the Soldiers by singing them a song, and it touched the U.S. servicemembers.

Lt. Cmdr. Kenny Payne: Seeing something like this, it makes your heart warm, and it just makes you feel good inside to see this happen.

Staff Sgt. Matthew Clouse: Because there are many Afghans who need assistance, Lt. Col. Payne says the U.S. will team up with Afghan National Army and Police Soldiers for three more humanitarian aid drops in the future. Air Force Sgt. Matthew Clouse. Aibak, Afghanistan.

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