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Inside the Home of an Air Force Family - Transcript

Speaker: Name's Staff Sergeant John. I'm a 23 STS. I've been living here on base for about 18 months. I'll give you a tour of the house, I guess. This is the kitchen. This is, like, an extra room. I've got my blood wings from the Marine Corps. That plaque is from the Marine Corps. When I got out, I was an instructor in a special operations training group. And that's my championship belt; I won that in 1997 for Thai boxing. Living room. This is my daughter's room, which until about 30 minutes ago was a complete wreck. This is my other daughter's room. She's gone, like I said, she's at her friend's house.

And this is our room. Of course, got pictures of my kids and everything in here of course. This is the dining room. Service on base is pretty good. If you've got a problem with any of your maintenance problems, just call family housing. They send somebody usually right out, and they take care of it. It's a pretty good deal. Plus, there's a lot of kids here. My daughter plays with a lot of kids here in the neighborhood. So does my little one, and that's always a plus, too.

The best decision I made was coming to the Air Force, especially for these guys. They get the good schools a lot faster, and these guys get taken care of a whole lot better. I've got five more years and then I retire. I'll probably stay a little bit longer than that, though. If I wasn't doing my job, or some people that I work with wasn't doing my job, I wouldn't have the stuff that I have today.

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