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Life Overseas: Kids and Family - Transcript

Speaker: The reason I like Sigonella is because there's a lot of things for young people to do, especially if you're active in sports. You have a lot of new facilities, and there are places for young people to go. If you're an active teen, there is a Camp Adventure Program. We go places like Mount Etna. We go to a water park in Catania and also in Motta.

Sigonella is a great place. It's kind of small. You can learn everybody's name. It's a community here; the fort is really big. It's real awesome. It has a very capable library that we can use. Another thing about Sig is it's close enough to the townspeople so that you can interact with the locals, but it's far enough so that you can kind of go Americanize a little bit. We have a fast food restaurant. We also have a post office, a bank. There's a lot of Italians that work here on the base, so if you want to learn the language, it's real easy. I think that the best thing that stands out is a lot of faces, a lot of people that you can meet. Yeah, Sigonella's a great place.

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