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Making a Drill Instructor - Transcript

Speaker 1: Carry on!

Sgt. Melissa Esquivel: Carry on, aye, staff sergeant, sir! Good morning, staff sergeant!

Speaker 1: Good morning.

Sgt. Melissa Esquivel: My name is Melissa Esquivel. I am a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, and right now, I'm in drill instructor school. Sgt. Esquivel, preparing to master present arms!

Speaker 1: Any questions?

Sgt. Melissa Esquivel: No, staff sergeant!

Speaker 1: Carry on!

Sgt. Melissa Esquivel: Carry on, aye, staff sergeant, sir!

I think drill instructor school is something that I've always wanted to do, ever since I was a recruit. I looked at my drill instructors, and I just thought they were, like, the best of the best.

[audio of Sgt. Esquivel training]

I really wanted to instill my values, well, the core values that I've gotten out of the Marine Corps into new Marines. I've also wanted just to train recruits to become better Marines.

[audio of Sgt. Esquivel training]

The majority of girls who come in are around 18 or 19 years old, and they come in the Marine Corps not knowing a thing. I know I came in the Marine Corps not knowing a thing about the service. And a lot of them come from homes that are broken, or they don't have a mother, they don't have a father, and they just really need some type of guidance, and I just thought that I would, I could do that.

[audio of Sgt. Esquivel training]

Everything has to be neat and organized and put together at all times. You have to not only have your uniforms squared away and put together, ironed every day. You have to be loud, be intense, you have to be in shape. They're asking everything of you. And, as they should, you're gonna go out there and train recruits, you, they want the best role model for these recruits.

[audio of Sgt. Esquivel training]

I've sacrificed so much to be here that my whole life is pretty much revolving around drill instructor school right now.

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