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MEPS: Physical Exam - Transcript

Speaker 1: My name is Diane Mahalco. I'm the medical section supervisor. The purpose of the medical examination is to make sure that the applicant is medically sound to enter into the Military. After they check in with processing, they're ushered down the hall to the medical session. They check in. We do their blood pressure. We do their vision test. We do a hearing test. Then they're sent over to the brief to complete all their paperwork, make sure their Privacy Act statements are signed, the HIV forms are signed. After that, they're given the commander's brief, the medical section brief and then they're sent back over to medical, where they have their blood drawn for HIV, and then they give a urine specimen for a drug screen. After that they see the doctor. Male and female exams are a little different, basically the same as if you were to go to your family practice. The female exam includes a pregnancy test. The females, you know, take a little longer. Then the males, basically, the males are all in one room, females one on one.

Speaker 2: What you'll be doing now is some ortho-neurological maneuvers. It'll feel like we're testing your exercise ability, but we're really not. If anything, we ask you to do hurts or makes you feel lightheaded, short of breath, that sort of thing, take a break. It's not disqualifying to do so, and we certainly don't want you leaving here injured.

Speaker 1: If they are disqualified for a medical reason, the Services can opt to give a waiver for that disqualification, and that's usually the case. The duck walk, that's what everybody remembers, you know. The prior service people come in, and they always, you know, tell the applicants about the duck walk. My favorite part is seeing the applicants, when they're told they're qualified, you know, they're very happy. They're relieved, and you know, that just makes it all worth it.

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