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Staff Sgt. William Alston: My name is staff sergeant William Alston. We're located at Tobin Wells here, which is a training area located right outside of Fort Bliss, Texas.

My platoon's mission, we serve as the launcher platoon and a Patriot battery. A Patriot battery is made up of three platoons. It's a support platoon, which is going to be all your mechanics, cooks, pretty much anything that's going to support the unit's mission. Fire control platoon is the main station of the whole operation. We're assigned six launching stations. We have one GMT, which is a guided missile transporter. Our mission is pretty much to get this equipment out to its specific location, get it deployed, in place and ready to shoot down missiles at a moment's notice.

Serving my country is an unbelievable feeling, to walk around in that uniform every day and know that the United States has the things that they have and have the freedoms that they have, because of what young men and women like me have chosen to do. So it's an unbelievable feeling.

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