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Navy Officer Candidate School - Wakeup Wednesday - Transcript

Speaker 1: Wake Up Wednesday is the first opportunity for the indoctrination class to first meet their class drill instructor, who will be with them for the next 12 weeks of training. That is the first time that they will actually receive commands, and follow the voice of their drill instructor for that day, and then the continuing weeks ahead.

Voice Over: As a Navy officer, you will be expected to perform at peak levels, even when things get tough.

Lt. Bill Martin: The most common thing that happens to a candidate before he gets here is that they fall out during physical training. Every candidate before they get here needs to understand that this is the most physically, mentally, psychologically demanding program the Military has to offer.

Voice Over: Before you arrive at OCS, work to improve your fitness level so that your performance is well above the minimum standards for your age group.

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