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Navy Swim Challenge - Transcript

DC 1 Anthony Abrao: It's important for people to know how to swim in the Navy, because everywhere the Navy operates is near water. When a person calls the Navy, and they can't swim, that shouldn't at all inhibit them from wanting to advance their life. I'm DC One Anthony Abrao, and I transform civilians into sailors for America's Navy.

It is not a requirement to know how to swim to join the Navy. In fact, about 20% of the recruits fail their initial swim tests. There's really three parts that recruits have problems with. The first is heights. It involves stepping off of a 10-foot platform into water. But that's relatively quickly overcome. The second one is just coordinating their body. And this is partly because coordinating your body in water, a form that they're not familiar with, causes them to panic. So once they overcome that and relax in the water, it's a relatively quick process.

When a recruit can't pass their swim test, it really depends on how well they handle themselves in the water. We can do simple techniques, just to get them familiar with how their body moves, and what they need to do to coordinate their bodies in the water.

AMS2 Demetrius Ward: I really couldn't swim before I joined the Navy. It was challenging, I really got down on myself, but I thought, how could I go home and tell my family that I couldn't join the Navy because I couldn't swim? So, I didn't want to let the pool defeat me, so I just came here every day, willing to work hard and listen to what the instructors had to say. My name is Demetrius Ward, my job is to transform civilians into sailors for America's Navy.

The instructors there are willing to work with you. Even if you don't know how to swim, because this is our job, is to instruct them on better stroke development, and getting these techniques down to graduate boot camp. So, I would tell them, don't be discouraged.

I expect the recruits to give 100% every day they come. Dig deep, and just pretty much tell them, anything that you want in life is worth fighting for, so when you come to this pool, just be ready to listen. It'll come to you, if it doesn't come today, it will come, as long as you're willing to listen to the instructors, and work hard every day you're there. You don't have to be an Olympic swimmer to pass the third class swim test. You just have to dig deep, give 100%, and listen to the instructors.

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