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2nd Lt. Amanda Morgan: My name is Cadet Amanda Morgan, and I'm with the Tennessee Army National Guard. I actually never planned on being in the Military. As a high school student, I cheered, and I danced. I played volleyball, and my dad was Army, but I never thought about the Military until my senior year of high school.

When I decided to join, and I called my dad and I was like, "I'm talking to a recruiter. I think I might join the Army National Guard." My dad was like, "Are you my daughter?" because I've always been really dedicated, but I'm kind of really girly, and I don't think that my family really saw me doing something like this.

I think that ROTC and Basic Training definitely taught me the discipline, not just to stick to something I set my mind to, but just the discipline to do the right thing all the time, the integrity to always be honest, and the warrior ethos, which are the backbone of the Army.

At the commissioning ceremony, you take the Oath of Office to be a commissioned officer. And my dad's going to do my swearing-in since he's still active.

Speaker 1: Lt. Col. Patrick Morgan, Cadet Morgan's father, will now administer the Oath of Office.

2nd Lt. Amanda Morgan: I'll be sworn into the Army National Guard. Then they pin your rank on, and in ASUs you wear shoulder boards as an officer, so my mom and my dad are going to pin my new rank on, and then one of my really good friends, Sgt. Babb, is going to do my first salute. I couldn't think of anybody better than a good friend that's been enlisted with me to do that for me.

It took so much dedication and so much work. It's something that finally pays off. Me and my dad are really close, and I think in high school we had trouble connecting. As a teenager, I rebelled, as most teenagers do. And then when I joined the Military, I think it's made my relationship with my dad a lot closer and a lot better. Part of the reason I chose the National Guard was because if I worked hard enough and I did the right things, I could get aviation.

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