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Tech Sgt. Ruben Wright: My name is Technical Sergeant Reuben Wright and I'm the non-commissioned officer in charge of Student Flight. The Student Flight program is a program designed for new enlistees to prepare them for basic training and technical school. We have a total of 18 classes in our curriculum, so over a three-month span, students will go ahead, and go through each one of those 18 classes. They cover rank structure, facing movements, marching, Air Force culture, Air Force history, [and] anything that's going to prepare them for basic training, and then in addition to that, we also have guest speakers that come in. So recent BMT returnees will come in, and they'll go ahead, and they'll talk about their experiences.

Kali Clemans: My name is Kali Clemans, and I'm here because I am currently in Student Flight. In Student Flight, we do a lot of classroom work, and learning how to march. A lot of stuff that we would be learning in basic, helping us be prepared. I feel like Student Flight has definitely helped me. I am one of the people that was kind of nervous about doing military [service] because I didn't know how it would be with my lifestyle, but Student Flight has definitely helped me be calm in this situation.

Tech Sgt. Ruben Wright: I do hear a lot of moments where they come back, and they're happy with Student Flight, because they were a step a bit -- you know, a step ahead of the active duty folks who don't get that kind of training before they go to basic training. So they come back. They're very thankful, and just to show how the student flight brings it from point A to point B, we have, just over this last year, we've had ten of our students come back as honor graduates from basic training.

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