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Putting a Town Back Together - Transcript

Voice Over: The National Guard is heavily engaged in the cleanup and recovery from what federal officials are now calling the largest tornado outbreak in history.

Speaker 1: My mother lives over here at 4320 Fifth Street, Northeast.

Speaker 2: I put my arms up against the walls, and I could -- they were actually moving my arms.

Speaker 1: Mother's neighbor's truck was about two houses down from where it's supposed to be, tore all to pieces. So I guess, show you what wind can do.

Speaker 3: Once you stand in the middle of that neighborhood, and you look in a complete circle, you're in awe at the damage. You don't have any idea how those people made it out.

Voice Over: Officials say 305 tornadoes were counted between April 25th and 28th. More than 600 overall during April.

Speaker 4: We have over 2,000 National Guardsmen and Airmen who are activated across the northern part of the state, where we've been carrying on operations here.

Voice Over: The tireless efforts of the National Guard will continue well into the recovery phase, providing security, transportation, and distribution of aid. A helping hand in an emotional time of need.

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