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Speaker: Back in high school, even in college, you would say, "Hey, Matt Purcell's never going to join the Army. He's not going to be in the Military." But, you know, here I am, and they're proud, and my family's behind me.

My biggest thing is that, if there's anything that we can do here — obviously we're not the ones in the front lines getting, you know, the "heat," so to say — but if we can do anything to help them, that's what really counts.

It just sounds cool, you know, "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot," you know, that sounds cool. But I joined and I enlisted with this job because it would be good training, and it would be something that I thought I could excel in. Very possible that you could easily, like, find, like, a route in the civilian world to work with these aircrafts. And, you know, probably an unmanned aerial vehicle is probably one of the futures of, you know, aircraft in general.

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