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An Air Force Reserve Workout - Transcript

Staff Sgt. Rachel Garneau: I'm Rachel Garneau. I'm a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force Reserves. We're at the Fitness Center Annex on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. At the Annex, you can do cardio equipment, you can do strength training, they've got weights, they've got exercise balls. You can do classes. That's a really great benefit that we have here at the Annex. They've got it all.

The Air Force PT Test for the Reserves, the Active Duty and for the Guard, you'll do a mile and a half run, you'll do sit-ups or crunches, whatever you want to call them. The Air Force calls them crunches sometimes. You'll do pushups, and then the other component is your waist measurement. So you're always wanting to keep that down. I like to do cardio so that whenever I do my run for the PT Test, you know, I can get a quick run time. And whatever else I have time for that day, I'll do just about anything.

Some people think that you're good after Basic Training on the PT Test for the Military, but I know for the Air Force, the Air Force Reserves, and for the Guard, you can test once a year. If you get a 90 or above on your test, which is considered excellent, but if you get from a 75 to a 90, you'll test every six months.

When you're deployed, you get a lot of the same amenities that you get while you're in "garrison," as they call it, when you're back at home at your home base. They'll have gyms for you. There'll be some sort of fitness center for you, because they want you to keep up your fitness while you're downrange. And the Air Force has even started doing PT Tests downrange. It used to be, you knew you weren't going to get fitness tested while you're deployed. Now they want to make sure that you're keeping up your fitness while you're downrange, because that's where you really need to be fit.

When you're a Reservist, your dependents can absolutely use the base['s] morale, welfare and recreation facility. So that's the gym, the movie theater, any of the on-base things, the bowling center and stuff like that. But especially the gym. A lot of the dependents like to come to the gym and get fit. And now a lot of the gyms are starting to offer childcare on base as well, so they get that benefit as well.

It's amazing how state of the art they have gotten fitness for the Air Force, asnd for all the services. Because we can use any gym at any base, you know, that we're near. So it is amazing how nice they are. And they definitely stack up to the gyms on the civilian side too. They've really done a lot to make sure Reservists are treated well.

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