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ROTC Leader's Training Course - Transcript

Speaker 1: I have not had a summer ever, ever like this before.

Speaker 2: It's awesome, man. Nowhere else I get to do anything like this.

Speaker 3: Twenty-eight days of finding out what you're made of and having fun doing it.

Speaker 4: I'm a transfer student, so that's missing two years of ROTC.

Speaker 5: Leader's Training Course helps you catch up in the first two years because it's a crash course of all the basics that you learn in the first few years of ROTC.

Speaker 6: I'll be able to start my career. It gives it a huge kick-start, and I'll be miles ahead of others.

Speaker 7: It's really been exciting.

Speaker 8: If you want to have some amazing skills, this program is definitely for you.

Speaker 9: I'm getting paid to go to school basically and get an education. It's great.

Speaker 10: Amazing. I love it.

Speaker 11: We're having fun.

Speaker 12: Absolutely. We're having a great time.

Speaker 13: LTC is awesome. I live for this kind of stuff.

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