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ROTC Training at Golden Gate Park - Transcript

Cadet Alex Fan: My name is Alex Fan. I am currently a cadet with University of San Francisco ROTC. My current unit is a dismounted patrol recon unit, so whenever we go out to the field for training, we do things like try to learn intelligence from the enemy.

[cadets speaking to each other in the field]

Cadet Alex Fan: Currently, we're learning this thing called operation order, or they call it "op order." You translate higher orders into your squad level or platoon level.

[cadets speaking to each other in the field]

Cadet Alex Fan: You'll see that we're practicing squad tactics where upper classmen are acting as squad leaders, and they will follow the operation orders to lead the lower class members to complete a mission. It will be kind of like a practice run for any real mission.

Being a cadet in ROTC makes you non-deployable, because you're technically considered a student. That's why it's a really good opportunity for someone who wants to join the Military and complete a college education at the same time. Once you complete ROTC and complete all your officer trainings, you are eligible for deployment. Deployment I see as, like, a test to see how well your training has prepared you. It puts everything you learned into a real-life situation.

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