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Schooling for Children of Servicemembers - Transcript

Tech. Sgt. Sherry Ingram: This is the school-age program, and it works great in my life. They're open to where I can drop off my kids before I go to work, and they're available when it's time for me to get off work. I can come over here and pick them up. They make sure that my kids get to school, and they make sure that they get back here.

Shandy Scott: We offer before- and after-school care to children ages five to 12 years old, kindergarten through sixth grade. We offer the Boys and Girls Club programs, and Air Force programs, primarily life skills, long-term learning and higher-level thinking, so more hands-on, an extension to the education that they're getting at school. We also have the computer lab, which has eight computers. The kids have a Webcam, so they can talk to their parents overseas when the parents are deployed.

Tech. Sgt. Sherry Ingram: When we were in Germany at Ramstein, Steven was at school age over there. They had the parents' night out. You know, I could drop off my kids for a couple of hours in the evening. It was a free service, and I could do that once a month and they were just outstanding.

Shandy Scott: We give the parents peace of mind so that they can go and do their job, and do their job well.

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