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Tech. Sgt. Lashawondra Bills: The Services career field is one of the best-kept secrets in the Air Force.

Airman Randall Briggs: The four careers in services are food service, lodging, readiness, and fitness and sports.

Tech. Sgt. Lashawondra Bills: What we do is we give them an overall view, an overview orientation of the services career field as a whole. Then we narrow that training down to what their core jobs are going to be, their core areas. And the first thing we do is we go through the lodging and protocol aspect of services.

Airman Talhecia Condlin: Lodging taught us how to have outstanding customer service.

Tech. Sgt. Lashawondra Bills: They're getting that first-line lesson of being a hotel manager. Then they go into block two, the culinary arts portion.

Airman Randall Briggs: So they start out teaching us in the classroom, and then we move into the kitchen.

Tech. Sgt. Lashawondra Bills: We don't just cook a meal, but we prepare food for the masses.

Airman Randall Briggs: At first everything is done by the instructor. They show us how to do it. And then they monitor us while we do it. And then we finally work up to where we can actually do everything on our own.

Tech. Sgt. Lashawondra Bills: From block three, we move into the next portion of training, block four, to learn readiness. We actually take them to a mock deployed location, where they will set up a tent, prepare their own meals. Learning how to go out into the field and provide everyone there with everything you've learned here.

From there, they'll transition into the last level of training, which is block five, and that's the fitness aspect of training. They learn basic fitness objectives, which is being able to go into a fitness center and know how to work equipment, and they can give a basic orientation to a new customer on how to use pieces of equipment, as well as maintaining customer service and facility cleanliness.

Airman Talhecia Condlin: I no longer now look at deployment as a scary situation because I know I'm going to make a difference once I get there.

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