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A Strong Start In Army ROTC - Transcript

Speaker 1: It really isn't so much that we're selecting them. We're selecting each other. We're looking to provide the right fit, and the right program for the right personality.

Speaker 2: I wanted to kind of merge the civilian world with the Military, and Army ROTC was the best way to do that.

Speaker 3: I decided the best way to serve my country was to lead, and the best way to do that is to go to college, get an education, and do it through ROTC.

Speaker 4: The most important part of what we do is transforming a regular college student into a leader.

Speaker 5: Leadership is an art, but it cannot occur just in the classroom. One has to pass through the fire of experience.

Speaker 6: Alpha team, move up one building.

Speaker 7: Part of ROTC is obviously leadership, and so you're thrown into these leadership positions, but it's in a way that you're able to develop and grow.

Speaker 8: You get so much training along the way that's going to help you later in life.

Speaker 9: I get to do a lot of things that my civilian peers don't get to do. But at the same time, I'm living the same college experiences that they are.

Speaker 10: I had gone through Army ROTC, they paid for tuition, books, and it gives you about a $500 stipend. You don't have to worry about working, you just focus on school, and that's what I did.

Speaker 11: Since I've been in the ROTC program, I have become a more confident person, I've been more sure of my own decisions, and I just carry myself a lot better.

Speaker 12: Leadership's needed in the classroom. Leadership's needed in business, it's needed in corporations. There's no better way to become that young officer, that young leader of our Army, and of our future, of America's future, than going through Army ROTC. The greatest part of my job is getting the bars on that newly commissioned 2nd Lieutenant.

Speaker 13: It's an exciting new rank.

Speaker 14: Congratulations.

Speaker 15: It's an exciting new job. Commissioning is where it all begins. You get to join the greatest army that the world's ever seen.

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