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Shelley Neese: I didn't grow up in the Air Force, and so it was all really new to me, but —

Maj. Brian Neese: You just kind of rolled with it.

Shelley Neese: I thought he looked cute in the uniform for the first day, so. (laughter) He's kind of a wanderer, so I knew that we were going to be moving every three years of our life no matter what, and so I liked the stability that the Air Force offered. There were so many things that took me a while to get. When we drove on the base for the first time, you know at 5 o'clock every day the National Anthem comes on and everyone stops, and I mean I just kept driving and — but then I really — you like, you fall in love with the community part of it.

Maj. Brian Neese: It's the way you feel like a community should be, actually. Everything is kind of right there, and you can walk to everything.

Shelley Neese: All the kids are outside running around. Lackland, the San Antonio base, was ranked like number eight best place to raise kids in America.

Maj. Brian Neese: When you get orders to deploy, there's a thousand means of support for the spouses that are still home, and for the children, for the families.

Shelley Neese: Yeah, even for our son, I think it was helpful. You know, it's one thing if Dad's traveling because it's business, and it's another thing, we drop him off at the airport, he's in the uniform, he's receiving his gun, you know all this process that for our son really built it up that this was something honoring, and not just like Dad's got business in Tokyo this weekend.

Major Neese: Yeah, I think the best thing is that I feel like I have my family. You have to set your priorities, you have to set your own personal boundaries as you would with anything. But you're able to set those boundaries and you're able to have your family. I mean that's what I value, and it's very — there's a lot of security, a lot of benefits. And financially, honestly, it becomes very competitive to the outside. I mean with everything — every time you re-sign and the longer you're in, I mean it starts to get to be where if you were to leave, you would just make the same money out there, but you wouldn't have the same benefit package. And that's nice. I feel very secure, I feel like my family is just very, very secure. And I like that.

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