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The Air National Guard Officer Path - Transcript

Maj. Windy Hendrick: If you were to join the Guard right now, with the intention of becoming an officer, like perhaps you wanted to join when you graduated high school, and have help with the GI benefits and the tuition reimbursement to help with your college, I think that's a great idea. I've been on the board with lots of guys who were selected as deserving Airmen for officer positions, and for pilot positions, and they have varied backgrounds. The one thing they had in common is they all had their college degrees. To become a pilot, those guys get a little bit of civilian flying experience under their belt, and the guys are just amazingly dedicated. They're very passionate about serving their country, and they're dedicated with their families, their full-time jobs, their second-time, you know jobs at the DoD, part-time jobs and then — and then increasing their education and preparing themselves to become officers.

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