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The Navy Assists Quake Victims - Transcript

Speaker 1: Now, here's your Pentagon Channel report.

Sgt. John Mann: The deck crew of the USNS Comfort awaits the arrival of the first patients from the earthquake disaster in Haiti. Crewmembers anxiously wait for the moment when all their training becomes real. Just before 10:30 Tuesday night, they arrive. Within minutes, the two patients are in casualty receiving, surrounded by doctors and nurses who have waited and prepared for this moment for days.

Lt. Cmdr. Tim Donahue: Two kids that have come in, one has a head injury. It looks like he may have a neck injury as well. We're going over a CAT scan to assess that. The other is a six-year-old boy who had surgery earlier in the week. He's talking. He's communicating with us.

Sgt. John Mann: These first two patients are now in good hands. For these doctors and nurses, they are only the beginning. Reporting from the USNS Comfort, I'm Army Sgt. John Mann.

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