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Week 4: Air Force Basic Military Training - Transcript

Speaker 1: Let's go. Hurry up. Hustle up. Hustle up. Give 100 percent out here today. 100 percent. You will do this course one time in your life as a Basic Military Training trainee. One time. Put it all on the line today. Put it all on the line.

Crowd: Yes, sir!

Speaker 1: The BMT obstacle course was formerly known as the confidence course. We're trying to test their resolve against a fear of heights, water obstacles and confined spaces. These are the folks you're going to be serving with in the next four, six, maybe even 20 years. Because of that, you are privileged individuals. I tell you, you are so privileged because you are representing .01% of the population for the age group of 18 to 25 years old.

Utilize everything you've been taught this morning. Do it safely. Do it with 100 percent. I want you to think about your families, and why you're here. We need persistence. We need strength, and you need that intense fortitude, that warrior ethos you heard about during your time in Basic Military Training. When your muscles are sore on this course, when you're out of breath, when the sweat's pouring in your eyes, and stinging your eyes, think about those individuals that have doubted you. We pumped up today?

Crowd: Yeah!

Speaker 1: Motivated today?

Crowd: Yes, sir!

Speaker 1: All right, good stuff. This is a steppingstone to becoming a warrior-airman.

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