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Seaman Elissa Green: I'm very proud to be a Jamaican, but I believe being an American is a wonderful opportunity. I am Elissa Green. I am a sailor in America's Navy.

For me, it dawned on me, I guess during the capping ceremony, how extremely just a privilege it is to be a citizen, and also to be in the Navy. I would never be able to do this three months, four months ago, it has definitely boosted my confidence, and my self esteem.

My expectations in joining the Navy is hopefully, be able to get an opportunity to get hands-on work experience with some of the finest technology in the world. To further my education, because that's a big thing for me, and that was one of my main reasons for joining the Navy.

What appealed to me about the Navy lifestyle, the camaraderie, the opportunity to travel the world, and -- which you would never get that opportunity as a regular civilian. Also, to be able to help others, I want to be a nurse, that's one of my major goals, I'm very passionate about helping kids, feeding hungry kids, and to go to poor countries and help other people is just a great opportunity.

I would tell a friend to join the Navy, because there is no other career within my age group, get an opportunity to get hands-on work experience. More than likely, you don't have a degree, you have a nine to five job which you don't like. You have a boss who's always talking down to you, because of your age and your lack of experience, I mean, to be 24 years old, to serve in the Navy, to be able to travel, to get your education, the Navy has shown me that anything is possible.

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