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Winter Work - Transcript

Speaker 1: We got record amounts of snow for our area.

Speaker 2: We traveled I-57, I-70, and we've seen multiple tractor trailers, trucks off the sides of roads.

Voice Over: The Midwest is digging out from this week's massive winter storm with the help of the National Guard.

Speaker 3: I feel very prideful about what I do, what I'm a part of.

Speaker 4: It was real nasty. I mean snow everywhere.

Speaker 5: We got anywhere from 15 to 20 inches of snow and high winds, it made it really difficult to get around, and take care of business.

Speaker 6: State troopers were very clear what they wanted us to do, and communication was great.

Speaker 7: It was paramount that we had some more help, we looked to the Illinois National Guard to help us out.

Voice Over: About 2,500 citizen soldiers are conducting relief operations in nine states affected by the storm. Another 500 Guardsmen were mobilized in Illinois. Officials say they'll be traveling the main road, assisting stranded motorists.

Speaker 8: Conditions were really bad, I couldn't see out my left or right, it was -- there was a whiteout completely. I could barely see in front of me.

Speaker 9: Downed vehicles in ditches, semis in ditches.

Voice Over: Guard troops are focusing on clearing the roads of snow drifts several feet high, and rescuing stranded motorists.

Speaker 10: We were projected to get 26 personnel from the Illinois National Guard here in district six. They came together in a short amount of time. We were paired up to where we would actually ride with them in a Humvee. They would ride in the Humvees, and they would get motorists off the interstates and take them to warming centers.

Speaker 11: Just last month, had a State Trooper come in here, and we specifically talked about how things would work if we ever had to integrate our forces together. Let's just do what we've got to do to get these people to safety, and get the job done.

Speaker 10: It was really nice to be with the Guardsmen, because they wanted to help, and they were very eager to help. They knew that we had things to do, and they were all empowered to go out there, and get it done.

Speaker 11: We had guys who fortunately, you know, all had been deployed, and had driven in sandstorms overseas, and you got used to having to take it slow, it's personal safety first because if you can't take care of your own vehicles and keep your own personnel safe, you know how can you help others? So it went wonderfully.

Speaker 12: We had 18 firefighters on duty. Six in the station that the National Guard ended up coming to. They brought in an additional eight. It was extremely beneficial. I mean if we would have gotten to, you know, had to go out on the interstate for multiple incidents, we'd tie up all of our resources, and it's limited access for us to get on and off the highway, so if some -- you know, a true emergency happened, let's say within our jurisdiction, it makes it a lot harder to get to when all of our resources are stuck out on the interstate.

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