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Armored Assault Vehicle Training

Distance learning courses can be an integral part of an armored assault vehicle crew member’s or officer’s training. Interactive lessons are designed to teach crew members about the basic components and operations of a vehicle before they actually maneuver one on the ground. In addition, courses teach servicemembers map reading, reconnaissance, weapons identification, urban operations and communications. Armored assault vehicle officers can also benefit from online training in a virtual-collaborative environment that teaches logistical and maintenance procedures, fundamentals of tactics and doctrine, task force offense and security operations. In these courses, officers convene online and go through armor-advancement exercises, collaborating as a team from multiple sites nationwide. Instructors and students have the capability of attaching others to them as they move their avatars through virtual 3-D environments, causing those attached to see what the leader sees. In addition, 2-D-terrain displays show students how their decisions on the battlefield are then reflected in the 3-D world.

Tank diagram highlights key areas.

Diagram shows tank design from different angles.

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