Today's Military:

Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Training

Civil affairs and psychological operations personnel are an integral part of special operations in the Military. They undergo specific training before they are deployed. This training involves several hours of in-class instruction and discussion. In order to prepare for in-class instruction, these servicemembers also take a variety of distance learning courses to better understand such topics as cross-cultural communication and unconventional warfare. An unconventional warfare course, for example, introduces civil affairs troops to their role in military and paramilitary operations conducted by indigenous or surrogate forces. They learn about effective information operations in support of national military strategy, as well as how to collect, process and disseminate critical information. Similar instruction for psychological operations troops would focus on supporting special operations missions, such as operations other than war.

Distance learning course introduces CA/PSYOP officers to unconventional warfare.

Distance learning allows military personnel stationed anywhere in the world to take courses.

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